Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Website!!!!!

We've just put up a new website that is the sister site to Kate's Track Shack. KTSP is the 8-track production company for Kate's Track Shack.

KTSP's mission is to bring the 8-track into the 21st century. We have had bands and individuals contact us about putting their cd's or other media onto 8-track. Can it still be done you ask? Yes, and KTSP can do it for you!

Check it out at


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

1st Annual Lake Arlington Swim-In

Saturday, June 23rd, we hosted our 1st Annual Lake Arlington Swim-In. We had 5 Amphicars come from all around Texas. Ours, one from Mesquite, Westlake, Austin and even one from Houston!

We have a great time. We gave out lots of Amphicar rides (free) and meet a lot of great people! I'm including a few pictures of the Swim-in.

One of our local tv stations came out and did a short story on us. As soon as we get it copied over we'll post it.

I'm still pretty new to this blogger thing so I haven't figured out to put a caption with each of the pictures. When I do, I'll fix this thing!

The first picture is me driving some friends of my mother-in-law's around the lake. The second picture is of Dan in the foreground just before he takes someone out for a ride (yes, those are longhorns on the car in the water!). The third picture is of all the Amphicars in the parking lot while we had lunch. One of the cars is hiding on the other side. The fourth picture is Dan tubing one of our girls. And the last picture is of four of the cars at the car show we did at Bruster's Real Icecream after we finished up at the lake. The make wonderful icecream!!!!

Gotta get off of this thing; we're about to get hit with a storm and I need to shut the computer down for a little bit.


P.S. Thank you to Al & Debra Heath for taking these and the other great pics on Saturday!

New Updated List 6-27-07

Just letting you know that the list has been updated!

I hope all you Dads had a great Father's Day!

We'd still like to hear from you guys with your 8-track stories. Email us at

Have a great 4th!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Father's Day Special

I forgot to mention that this special discount is only good through 6-17-07!

New Updated List 6-12-07

A new updated list has been put up on our website tonight -


$$$New$$$ We have reduced the price on the Country/Western & Easy Listening Quads to $3.99.


In honor of Father's Day, if you mention that you saw this posting, we'll give you an addional 10% off of your total order.


As a reminder, if you're in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area on June 23rd, we'll be hosting an Amphicar Swim-In at Lake Arlington around 10 am at the Arkansas Ln. ramp. We're expecting about 5 Amphicars to be there. We'll be giving Amphicar rides as long as we hold out or the cars hold out!!! We've invited the media, so you may find yourself on tv! Then around 4:00 pm, we'll be heading off to Bruster's Ice Cream up on South Cooper for a mini car show and some good ice cream!!!!!

Hope to see you there!