Friday, January 24, 2014

TV Stars!

We were contacted a few months back about doing a tv interview with a local tv station. We had done several with this station before and always had a lot of fun. The reporter was Mike Castellucci or the "Why Guy". He interviewed us about our 8-tracks and our oldest daughter's '76 AMC Pacer (this was while she was in high school - she's about to graduate college this spring). The other interview was about our '64 Amphicar or car/boat. Mike is a great guy and always makes the interviews fun. We were finally able to get together a couple of weekends ago to shot everything. It took 3 hours! When the final spot appeared on tv last Thursday (16th), it was 3 minutes! WOW, 3 hours to 3 minutes. But Mike did a great editing job! Here is the link to the interview (as long as it's still up). We also imbedded it on our website Also just put up a new list today -

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!!!

Happy New Year 2014! 2013 was a pretty good year for us! We celebrated our 15th year in business in 2013! Looking back to when we started this business, I don't think we ever thought we would have come as far as we have. We've meet such great folks, whether it has been over the internet, in person, on the phone, etc. Our customer base is worldwide! One day I'll do a pin map to show where all of our customers are. Hope everyone had good holidays! We did. We were able to enjoy time with family and eat way to much!!!! I always think that with so much time off, I'll get a lot done. Never happens! Sometimes I think I need a vacation from a vacation to get everything caught up that I thought I would get done when I had the time off! We're looking forward to a great new year and seeing what the year has to bring. I know we'll be doing some new 8-tracks and that is always fun. We may do a tv interview this weekend if the weather isn't to bad (doesn't look like it right now). Have been trying to do this since before Thanksgiving. This reporter has done several interviews with us and he's a lot of fun, so we're excited to meet with him again. Just put up a new list today on our website. Wanted to have it done before we opened but out database when kaput! Having to basically start all over. :( Will be putting up a new poll as well. Have a great new year everyone!!! Kathy/Dan