Friday, January 24, 2014

TV Stars!

We were contacted a few months back about doing a tv interview with a local tv station. We had done several with this station before and always had a lot of fun. The reporter was Mike Castellucci or the "Why Guy". He interviewed us about our 8-tracks and our oldest daughter's '76 AMC Pacer (this was while she was in high school - she's about to graduate college this spring). The other interview was about our '64 Amphicar or car/boat. Mike is a great guy and always makes the interviews fun. We were finally able to get together a couple of weekends ago to shot everything. It took 3 hours! When the final spot appeared on tv last Thursday (16th), it was 3 minutes! WOW, 3 hours to 3 minutes. But Mike did a great editing job! Here is the link to the interview (as long as it's still up). We also imbedded it on our website Also just put up a new list today -


Jonathan Riehl said...

Kathy, are you still doing 8 track repair? Couldn't find your email. --Jonathan

Jonathan Riehl said...

Hi Kathy, Just looking to be in touch as I appear to have lost your contact info for 8 track repair. -Jonathan