Thursday, July 16, 2009

Updated List 07-16-09/Cheap Trick 8-Tracks

I am such a terrible blogger! I need to getter at it and do it more often. I have a friend who blogs almost daily! Where does she find the time to do it!!!!

Just letting you know that the list is finally updated on our website!!! I promise (I know I said that last time!) that I'll try to do better at keeping it updated more often!

The exciting news is that we're producing Cheap Trick's newest album - The Latest, on 8-track. You will have to order directly from their official website - I think my favorite song on the album is Smile. Let me know what yours is.

We were on vacation when Cheap Trick, one of the 8-tracks we made and one of our players we sold CT showed up on the Steven Colbert show. We didn't get to see the show until Tuesday, but it was awesome!!!!

We may be having Night Line coming out to do an interview with us soon. We'll keep you posted.

Hope everyone is having a good summer!