Monday, May 09, 2011

Happy Mother's Day/Updated List 05--09-11

Hope all you Mother's out there had a Happy Mother's Day! I did! My three beautiful girls brought me breakfast in bed and then some very nice gifts. Our middle daughter, Susie, made me a delicious cake!!!

We are in the process of buying back our first house that Dan and I bought about a year after we were first married (working on 25 years in January!). The house needs lots of help! We just finished having the backside of the house resided and are working on replacing lots of rotten wood. Once all of that is done, the inside is next! The inside looks exactly as it did when we sold it to our friend except for the nasty carpet that will have to be replaced and having some plumbing done. We will need to update it inside, but that won't be to bad. We have some neighbors across the street that we've hired to do some of the work that Dan can do, but that they can do faster!

We'll post some pictures soon.

We just put up a new list today, so take a look!

Have a wonderful week!!!!!

Kathy & Dan