Sunday, July 17, 2011

Updated List 7/17/11

Hope everyone had a Happy 4th!

It's been pretty busy around here!

A couple of weeks ago, Dan and I went to an air show. It was pretty small, but we were able to see some cool planes. I went up inside a B25 - Fifi. We saw her in Midland, Texas at the air show there where we flew on a B17 but she wasn't flying at the time. Pretty small quarters up there!

Late last week, Dan and I headed up to Wisconsin to a car show - Iola Old Car Show.
They said there were over 115,000 people this year. We went last year and it was great! Very hot and humid last year, but this year it was in the high 80's! People were complaining about the hot temps up there and we just laughed. We left temps of 100. I'm posting a picture of our thermometer in the kitchen. You'll notice the outside temp of 110! The inside is high because I accidentally weed-wacked one of the a/c lines and I didn't want to run the a/c until Dan could get home from work and make sure I hadn't damaged anything (I did, but nothing he couldn't fix!!!). We left on Thursday, got up there Friday night and back home early Sunday evening! We stayed at a wonderful Bed & Breakfast called Apple Tree Lane B&B in Waupaca, WI. It was located in an historic Victorian farmhouse built in the early 1880's and sits on 7.5 acres in a park-like setting along 400 feet of beautiful Crystal River frontage. The ri was beautiful, but the mosquitoes were horrible! We want to come back here again when we have more time to enjoy everything.

We also just closed on the house that we've been working on. This was our first house that we bought 24 years ago. We sold it to a friend and he needed to sell it and we were given first dibs out it. It needed a ton of work on the outside, which is almost finished except for the landscaping and the inside will be next. Two of our three kiddos were born while in this house. It backs up to a horse field, which is kind of cool! We will probably move the oldest into this house once we get it fixed up. Right now she lives down the street in a little bit smaller house. We've already got lots of folks wanting to rent hers out. This was such a cute, well kept house :( We'll get it back to that state again! This is not the best view of the house. I'll try to find a better one and post it.

And let's see, I ended up with a black eye earlier this week! I promise, Dan didn't do it! One of the dogs (youngest corgi) did. Man does he have a hard head! It seems like it just keeps getting worse.

We also just updated the list with lots of tapes so you'll want to check it out - We have tons of cases for sale so get 'em while you can.

We'll be headed up to DC for vacation in mid August. Dan has a week long conference and the girls and I will be out doing stuff while he's stuck in his conferences :(.

We'll be driving for about 3 days up/back. If anyone has any good places that are worth stopping out, please let us know. We like the weird and crazy places!

Everyone have a great week and stay cool!!!!

Kathy & Dan

Friday, July 01, 2011

Happy 4th! Updated List 06/30/11

Happy 4th!!!!!!!

It's been a busy May and June for us! Dan having a huge kidney stone (8mm) that took a month and finally surgery to get rid of. Kids are now out of school. We're buying back our first house and about to take the contract over to the title company to get scheduled for a closing date! We picked up close to 5000 8-tracks (most in cases - around 300+), about 1000 cassettes in cases, and around 30 players. So, how's your summer going so far...

I'll be posting some pictures of the haul so you can see how crazy this is. This isn't, however, our largest haul of 8-tracks/players, etc. I think our biggest was 10,000 from a friend up in Oklahoma. We haven't even had a chance to look through the boxes and cases, but hopefully will get to this weekend.

We've got a sale on these tapes for a very short time - A case of tapes for $.25 a tape (must take a whole case of tapes). Most of these cases hold 24 tapes. S/H depend on the weight of the cases with the tapes in them. They'll ship media mail. Keep in mind that the cases are just shipping vessels. You might get lucky and get a good case, but you might not. The tapes are as is and we won't do special requests. What's in the case is what you get. We also have some of the bargain basement tape lots on sale 30% off regular price. Check out the website at -

I thought I had some pictures of our first house that I could put up, but can't find them. Next update. I've got some from when we first moved into the house and I'll find some of when we first started working on the outside to what it looks like now on the outside.

Again, have a Happy 4th!!!