Saturday, January 22, 2011

Updated List 01/21/11 New 8-Tracks & News

Hope everyone is having a good New Year in 2011!

Just put up an updated list last night so be sure to check it out -

In other 8-track news, you may have heard that Bucks Burnett opened the 1st 8-Track Museum. It's in Dallas, TX. Check it out at - Bucks has also started a new 8-track label called Cloud 8. We will be doing some more new 8-tracks in the next few weeks that will be featured at a grand opening reception for the new museum. The artists will be the Tom Toms and the O's. You can read more about them at

Another bit of 8-track news. We just finished an 8-track that will be used in an upcoming movie. The title of the movie is Driven To Kill...Again. You can see the trailer here - It is being produced by Pagliacci Records & Films and will be coming to a theater near you!

We also just came out with some more new sleeves. These are very similar to the last sleeves we had made up, but they are lighter weight; like the originals and have cut outs on the sides. We have both the single window and double window style of sleeves. We'll be putting up photos of them soon.

If you have any interesting 8-track news, please email us so we can let other 8-trackers know about it.

On non-8-track related news, Dan and I celebrated our 24th anniversary last Sunday (16th). It's been a wonderful 24 years! Dan has taken me to places I never would have dreamed of going to and doing things I never dreamed of doing. The 8-track business was one of those. Together, we've been blessed with 3 beautiful girls!

We went to the Gaylor Texan last weekend for a couple of nights and had a great time. This was our first time to visit the Gaylor and it was amazing! We ate at a little Mexican restaurant at the hotel and had a mariachi band serenade us with a Mexican love song. So romantic!!! On Saturday, we walked around historic downtown Grapevine. Not quite as cool as Gladewater, but nice. We walked down to the Cotton Belt train station and looked around. My Dad worked for the Cotton Belt Railroad for as long as I can remember. He said they didn't make it out to the Grapevine station very often, but had been there before. I'll post pictures as soon I get them uploaded to the computer.

Hope everyone has a great week and hopefully, I'll be better at posting to my blog in the new year!

Keep on trackin'