Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New Updated List 11-13-13

Just put up a new list today so check it out here. Will try to post some interesting 8-tracks facts as we find them. If you have anything that you think is interesting and 8-track related, please let us know.


Why is an 8 track is called an 8 track? 8 tracks use 1/4" magnetic tape and are a continuous loop. There are 8 tracks parralell to each other on the tape. There are four programs on the tape (varying number of songs per track) and two tracks per program - one for the right speaker and one for the left, thus making it a stereo tape cart. It doesn't mean that there are only 8 songs, which some people may think. A small metallic trip or splice allows the tape to switch between programs. Here's another interesting fact about 8 tracks. You may have seen what appeared to be an 8-track but it had a whole in the left back corner (or right, depending on how you're looking at it - see second pic.). These are 4-track tapes. They are similar to an 8-track except they have 2 programs instead of 4. The other difference is in a 4 track system, the pinch roller is part of the player and in an 8 track, the pinch roller is part of the tape. If you want to play a 4-track tape in an 8-track player, you need a converter. Most of these were metal and slipped into the hole on the back of the 4-track, which allowed it to be played in a regular 8-track player. A lot of people call them a "gidgit" (see 3rd pic.). They're not easily found. If you're lucky, you might find one in the back of a 4-track when you purchase the tapes. Otherwise, you may pay some big bucks for one. Most 4-tracks are the size of an 8-track, but there are two larger 4-track carts.


Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!!!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Adding a few new things to the blog

It's been awhile since any posts have been made! Pretty busy around here this year!!! Take a look and see if you can spot the new changes. If you're from another country, please feel free to use the "translate" feature at the top of the blog. We've also added a "poll". We'll try to change it weekly. If you have any good suggestions for a poll, please let us know. There are a few other things, so check it out! Thanks! Kathy/Dan