Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!! / New Updated List

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

Hope you've had a wonderful day! Instead of going out and spending way to much money on a dinner at a fancy restaurant, I spent a lot of money at the grocery store buying food for a home cooked meal. Dan's favorite is surf & turf. We had grilled steaks, mashed potatoes, corn, a lobster (I actually ate him), snow crab, fake lobster bites, shrimp, applesauce and croissant rolls. For desert, we had mini cupcakes and ice cream. Yum!!!!!!!!

Email us and let us know what goodies you had tonight!

Tonight was another big night for 8-tracks around our neck of the woods. Bucks Burnett had his official opening of The Eight Track Museum in Dallas. He had Stu Discious to open the party and The O's were also slated to perform. The O's were also going to be selling their new 8-track release which KTSP recorded. The Tom Tom Club was also going to be there but not performing. They were having a meet/great and selling and signing their new 8-track release, again recorded by KTSP. Both are great albums and we wish them well. They have said that the Tom Tom Clubs 8-track release, which is a limited edition, will only be sold tonight.

You can check out both groups - The O's and The Tom Tom Club.

We also were fortunate enough to be interviewed last week by the Dallas Observer along with Bucks Burnett and a couple of others regarding the resurrection of 8-tracks in the Dallas area. Here is the link to the story. If it's gone, you can see it at on our KTS Productions website.

The list has also been updated today. Sorry for the delay. We had a couple of weeks of nasty frigid cold weather where it just to darn cold to work out in the office. The last couple of weeks we've had temps down in the low teens with ice and snow and now it's going to be in the high 60's and 70's this week! Go figure! Email us and let us know about your weather where you are.

Again, Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!! We love our customers!!!!!!!