Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Is Spring on the way or what?

Spring will officially be here on March 20th, but you'd be hard pressed to tell it in many parts of the country! I was talking with one of our customers today in Minnesota and he said that they were having a blizzard outside and you could barely see across the street, but 20 or 30 miles away, the sun was shinning brightly! I'm grateful that we only had a few really cold snaps this winter. I think our weather forecasters and school administrators blew it a few times by closing the schools unnecessarily, but I guess they figure better safe than sorry. Would love to hear your winter stories. What's the most snow you had. How many days were your kiddos out of school at any one given time? Any records set this year? Do you ever find yourself looking something up on the web and then find yourself so far away from where you originally started? I was looking something up on 8-Track Heaven and ended up looking up the word 8-Track on Google. There is some interesting stuff out there. Some are articles or stuff about us and some about folks we know. One site that I found was called Lava Lamps & 8-Track Theater. Very interesting site. Here's another one - . This one, at the bottom of the tapes, mentions Cheap Trick putting out their newest album at the time (2009), on 8-track! We did that one!!! There are tons more websites out there. If you have one that you think is cool, let us know. Will be putting up a new poll so check it out. If you have something you'd like us to do a poll on, email us and let us know. Happy Spring! Kathy

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