Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Updated List 05-07-08 & Newest Addition

Sorry for taking so long in getting the list updated! With the end of school coming up, it's been very very busy around here! We also added an addition to the family this weekend. Yes, I am crazy, but this little one was so cute I couldn't resist! Her name is LuLu! The other two are brother and sister (same mom diff. dad and litters) The bigger one laying down is Snickers (almost 5) and the cowering one is Daisy (2 years old). She's afraid of cameras. I think she's in the shower hiding right now.

It may be hard to tell (pun intended), but LuLu has a tail and the others two don't! That's hard for my kids to deal with since all they've ever had are dogs without tails! Yes, check out her paws! She will probably tower the other two!! We'll post pictures when that happens!!!!

Be sure to check out the list when you get a chance!



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