Monday, August 31, 2009

New Updated List 08/31/09

What a summer it's been for us here! Kids are back in school (college, high school and jr. high). I was able to tag along with Dan to DC and see some our country's famous landmarks.

We finished the Cheap Trick 8-tracks, but have more bands wanting to put their latest albums out on 8-track. It's very exciting to see this "dead" media coming back to life!!! We were able to meet with two of the band members from Cheap Trick and get my picture taken with them and was able to get one of our 8-tracks signed. They also held one of the new tapes up for the audience to see.

Be sure to check out the newest list; there's a lot of good stuff on it!

Hope you're staying cool where you are!

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deano6 said...

Hi. I placed an order for the 8 track on the band's website but they say they are out of stock. I'm still keeping my order in for it. Are you guys making more of the band's The Latest album and if so, when will they be ready? Thanks a lot for keeping the format alive. I just love it.