Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Updated List 10-20-09/B17/FB 50 Baby Grand

The feel of Fall is in the air! We've had beautiful weather the last week or so. I understand heavy rain is in the forecast for tomorrow night. I guess that just means that we don't have to run the sprinklers and a lower water bill!

We put up a new list today. You can check it out at

It's been a pretty busy last few weeks for us around here. The week before last, I took Dan to Midland, TX to the CAF Air Sho. I had planned to take him on a secretive get away and down to Galveston to ride a B17 and possibly a Stearman or or PT6 Trainer, but the weather down that way was supposed to be rainy so, we went to Midland instead. The weather showed to be cool, but no rain (at least it waited until Sunday). There were some really cool planes there and they put on a good show. We took the kids there back when they were a lot smaller. After the air show we went for a ride on a B17. Dan has wanted to do this for years, but it has just never worked out. It was fun, but for me, a little scary! Once the plane is off the ground you can get up and walk around, but that's a little easier said than done! Dan did pretty well until about 5 minutes before we landed (ride is about 20-25 min.). We purposely didn't eat lunch! Dan will tell you that he flew up and then he threw up! Here are a few photos:

This past weekend, we finally got our newest acquisition. Dan loves cars!!! At present, we have 7. I couldn't begin to count all of the cars that we've had since we've been married, much less how many he's had before that! Dan has wanted a really old car for a very long time. We like to watch old movies and enjoy Harold Lloyd's films. In one of those movies - Hot Water (1924), he get's a Chevrolet Superior Sedan. In the movie they called it a Butterfly Six. It's a very sharp l

ooking car. Dan periodically looks for them on the Internet. Several months ago, he came across a 1922 Chevy FB Baby Grand touring car on Craig's List. For the price, Dan expected it to be a real heap that had probably come out of a barn. Well, not quite. The previous owner had found it that way! This gentleman did a lot of work on the car. He stopped working on it about 10 years ago and then passed away about 3 years ago. It's been sitting in the garage and his wife wanted it gone.

After a lot of hassle and frustration, the car finally arrived Sunday afternoon! Dan has been working on it to get it to start. He is so close! The one really great thing about this car is that the gentleman who owned it, keep a journal of his work on the car. His wife sent us all of his paperwork, pictures, receipts, etc. She also loaded up the car with lots of extra parts and goodies!

The first picture is what a 1923 Superior looks like and the other picture is ours (1922 Chevy FB 50 Baby Grand touring car). BTW, we named the car Harold!

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Cool car! We're big Harold Loyd fans as well!