Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Updated List 10-24-11 San Francisco Trip

Hope everyone is having a great fall season!

Just got back from a great trip to San Francisco! Lots to see and do and even got to experience two earth quakes while we were there! The first one was 3.8 and the second 4.0. Not huge, but a quake non-the-less. The funny part was that it happened on "Earthquake Awareness Day." The other thing I found of interest, was that it happened during the World Series, which is when the last really big one hit SF in '89.

Here are some pics of the trip:

Fisherman's Wharf

Painted Ladies Houses (I think)

Golden Gate Bridge from the Presidio

Inside a giant sequoia tree at Muir Woods

Houseboat in Sausalito - lots of cool houseboats, but this was the best!

Golden Gate Bridge

Alcatraz "The Rock" Island

Dan about to be locked up on Alcatraz

Sunset view of the Golden Gate Bridge on the way back from Alcatraz

Another sunset view of the Golden Gate Bridge on the way back from Alcatraz

There are lots more pictures, but I need to download them from mine and Dan's phones.

I also went to a fortune cookie factory (well maybe not that big), but it was fun watching the three ladies cook and make the fortune cookies. They even make "adult" fc's.

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Have a good week/end!

Kathy & Dan

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