Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy Spring! Updated List 04/18/12

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday!

The Easter Bunny visited us and our girls had a hunt around the house (21, 17 & 14). Some traditions just won't die! Then off to Easter service and home for a quick nap (didn't quite happen). Off to the mother-in-law's for Easter lunch. Lots of good food, as always, and family gathered around.

Injured my right arm helping my parents out a few months ago. My mom broke her ankle and they needed some help for a few days. Glad I was able to do it. Had an MRI last week and the doctor said yesterday that I had a small tear in my bicep and tendonitis in my elbow. He gave me some different drugs to try for the pain and said to come back in three months. He didn't feel like surgery was necessary, at least not at the moment.

This past weekend, Dan and I went with some friends to Fredericksburg (TX). The wife wanted to see some wild flowers so we went down the back roads and stopped at a couple of really nice areas with lots of pretty bluebonnets and other wild flowers.

We also stopped at Enchanted Rock, near Fredericksburg. I went here as a kid with my grandparents. The rock is huge (a little over a 1/2 mile up). When I went up as a kid, I got to the top, but never looked at the view. Since we were so close, we stopped and decided to make the trek. I told everyone that this was on my "bucket" list. It cost almost $25 to get all in which I thought was a little pricy.

From the entrance of the park, people at the top of the rock look like ants. Now I must say, I am afraid of heights! We've gone to Oklahoma and there is a place the kids like to go that has a house at the top of the hill and it's darn scary trying to make it up! I wanted to do it and off we all went. I did stop quite frequently, because I'm not quite as young as I was back then. Dan kept telling me that we didn't have to do it, but I said that I had to. We finally made it!!!! I enjoyed the beautiful view all around. From the top, there was a small plateau that you could go down on the back side of the rock. Going down it was easy, but then Dan reminded me I had to go back up! Talk about a workout! But now, I've done it and can mark that off of my list of things I need to do!

On our way home, we stopped at Wildseed Farms. It was raining a little, but it was a very cool place to visit. The had fields where they raise their own wild flowers, several stores where you could buy plants, seeds, taste and buy food. If you're ever in Fredericksburg area, you should stop and check it out.

Hope everyone has been safe from the tornadoes! We had several hit very close to us. One about a 1/2 mile from us and another down the street from our girls high school. Our middle daughter, who is a junior at the high school, was on her way home at lunch and saw one of the tornadoes. The youngest was still at the high school. It was a pretty wild day.

On a brighter note, we just put up a new list on the website so please check it out! We've got some box lots that need to go sooner, than later. One has almost all rock/pop and two others have mostly all country/western. Priced to move!

Have a great week and enjoy this beautiful weather!


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