Wednesday, January 17, 2007

8-Track Review - The Very Best Of Deep Purple

This is Dan. This is the first in a series of reviews I plan on doing on different carts as I listen to them. Lets start off with "The Very Best Of Deep Purple"
Cart: GRT Module 8
Track List:
Program 1 - Hush, Hey Joe, We Can Work It Out
Program 2 - River Deep - Mountain High
Program 3 - April, Exposition
Track 4 - Kentucky Woman, Bird Has Flown, Lalena

I found myself enjoying only about half of the songs on this cart. "River Deep - Mountain High" and "Kentucky Woman" are the highlights. "Hush" and "hey Joe" are OK, but not in the same class. Overall the cart sounds great, and there is no track splitting.

Keeper?: - for now. I think there is a later Deep Purple greatest hits around here somewhere that includes their "Smoke On The Water" stuff. Still...I really like their version on a Neil Diamond song on this album.
Number of Ka-chunks?: Only two out of four.


Anonymous said...

I like the "ka-chunk" rating system! To my tastes, the only essential Deep Purple 8-track is "Machine Head." It played constantly in my underdash player in our 1974 Chevy Malibu and held up to the bitter end (the tape, not the car). Wish I still had the 8-track now; I am sure it would be worth more than the car, which was last seen c. 1983 being pushed down the street by the purchaser, who forked over $150 for it (he overpaid by $149). Maybe he only bought it for the 8-track?

Anonymous said...

There is another Deep Purple "Hits" package called "Purple Passages" on the WB label. Basically, most of the cuts that are featured on "Very Best" but with one mentionable:
The cuts from "Book of Talisyn" that are featured on "Passages" do not have the "built in worn out record" effects. nice and clean sounding (ie: Kentucky Woman)unlike the "Very Bedst" release. "Passages" seems to focus on the same timeline as "Best" but with both carts, you can't go wrong.
I agree with the above poster in regards to "Machine Head" (wore my copy out).

Dan #2 - W