Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Updated List 03-06-07!

Just letting you know that a new list was put up last night! I think you'll find some good stuff this time around. Check it out at

I hate to make reminders like this, but sometimes it has to be done. If you place an order for tapes/supplies, etc. you need to pay for that order before placing another order. That's how most businesses work. We're not trying to be buttheads! Thanks for your understanding!!!!!

Another heads up! Most of you have probably already heard that there is going to be another rate increase in postage! The lady at the post office said they weren't given an exact date, but probably would be sometime in May or June. We'll let you know how it will effect shipping costs once we know what the rate increases will be. I think 1st class on one oz will be raised to .41 cents. The Post Office would love to get rid of media mail, but I think there are too many of us out there that still use it quite a bit!

Next week is Spring Break for me and the kids. Not sure if we'll go anywhere, but in case you email and we don't get back to you right away, that will be why.

Have a great week!


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