Monday, March 19, 2007

Updated List 3-19-07

Just put up a new list tonight! Be sure to check out our newest page at! It's Beatles & related tapes. We get lots of requests for these tapes so we decided to put up a special page for them. These tapes will be a little more than some of our other tapes, but they will be tuned-up with new pads/splices. Tapes that are sealed, you decided if you want them tuned-up or not.

If you were lucky enough to be off last week for Spring Break, hope you had a good time! We had some fun and got a lot of things done around the house the needed doing. The kids begged us to put up our pool, so Dan did that this weekend. They were brave enought to get into it tonight and go under water (water about 60 degrees maybe!). Still a little to cold for me!!!!!

We also have some auctions on Ebay right now. Dan and I have some under seller name - dkgibson and our oldest daughter has some under seller name - katestrackshack. She is selling some quads to help put some money in her college fund and to pay for gas for her '76 Pacer!

Take care and have a good week!


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