Friday, January 08, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!!! New Updated List

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas holiday and a good New Year! We enjoyed our time off and being with family and friends. The only bad thing about taking off so much time is you have to play catch up.

Dan had two of his brothers and their families here for Christmas. One from Arizona and one from Tennessee. We didn't get to do as much with my family as I would have liked, but when they're here there and yon, it's not very easy! It just makes Christmas last a little longer that way!

Hope everyone got what they wanted for Christmas. We did okay here. I got a bunch of English released 8-tracks over the holiday. You'll find some of them up on a new web page - I'm fortunate that I have some friends over there for a couple of years and they were kind enough to bring them to me when they were here for the holidays.

I found it very interesting that some of the tapes like the Beatles and a few others had black/white labels compared to ours here in the states that are in color. I also have one cart that has a picture sleeve, but instead of the picture printed directly onto the sleeve, it had a removable label over the sleeve.

Anyone have any tapes from other countries that are unusual? I did put one on the list that is greek. We've had several of those. Pretty cool.

Speaking of pretty cool... We've had some of our coldest temps in a long time. It was down to around 20 this morning. It looks like we'll have a little warmer temps in the next few days, but this is darn cold! You know it's cold when the water in the dog's metal bowl is completely frozen! Thanks Siberia and the North Pole!

For those of you keeping up with Harold, it's been a little to cold to work on him. I went on a road trip a few weeks back to meet some nice folks that had an old top that we can use for a pattern. Today, we got a huge box from these nice folks with some upholstery from their old '19 Chevy.

We normally go to a car show on Friday nights, but it's just to cold. The guy that runs it said that they'll only have it when it's above 40 degrees and not raining.

Be sure to check out the website. We updated the list with lots of new tapes and have some good sales going on.

Have a good weekend and stay warm!!!!!!!


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