Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mischief In The Magnolias

Our youngest daughter, Becky is in theater class this year in her first year of junior high (7th grade). Her next oldest sister, Susie was in theater last year. Actually, last year was the first year that their junior high offered offered a drama as an extra curricular activity and Susie was it's first President of the club. This year it is being offered as an elective class, which Becky has been in.

This was Becky's second production this year. Her first was The Wizard of Oz. She was one of the Munchkins - Punchie - Let me at 'em. Let me at 'em!

Mischief In The Magnolias was her second. She played "Granny" She was a feisty old thing! She brought her gun for one of the props, but then the teacher changed his mind and decided the cane would be a better prop to use.

Here are some pictures from the play:

Watch out Hollywood, you may have a new star headed your way!

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