Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Spring! Finally!!!! - Updated List 03/24/10

Happy Spring to everyone!

It's been a little crazy around our household the last few months!!!!!

We had a major computer crash and lost some stuff and were able to recover some stuff. Dan was able to finally recover most of my databases for the Track Shack but they weren't current so I basically deleted everything and started over.

I got bronchitis and am pretty much over it but still have a bit of a lingering cough. For those of you who have heard about our youngest daughter Becky's ongoing ear problems, she had to have another surgery just before Spring Break. We found out she was allergic to one of the antibiotics that he used in and around her ear. He ended up taking the packing out early and we go back today to see how it's progressing. We think there may be a problem, but won't know for sure until we see him later today.

Spring Break has come and gone for us! The first part of it was spent with Becky home after her surgery. Then Dan took off last Wednesday for the rest of the week. We had plans to paint the outside of the house and do some stuff around the house and maybe get away for a day to Oklahoma. Of course things never work out like you plan! I got our hallway painted and we had some furniture delivered. Finally got a new sofa and love seat after giving our old one to our oldest daughter Mary for her new house. Thursday I started painting the back porch and Dan started to rebuild and move one of our fences to help keep the dogs out of our garden with the pond. The puppy somehow managed to chew the electrical cord to the pond pump into. Fortunately, it was unplugged! As I said, we got started on these things. On Friday, we decided to go up to Oklahoma and have a picnic at Turner Falls. We had heard the weather was going to be great Friday, but not so great for the weekend. It was a little bit windy, but beautiful!!!!

(Pictures will be posted as soon as my camera's batteries charge up again!)

There is a house at the top of this place that is called the "Rock Castle". It's a very steep climb up to this place and then if you want, you can climb up to the road where the driveway and rock garage are. Well, I'm not rock climber and definitely afraid of heights! The last time we were there it was raining and I was terrified going up the steep steps. I didn't attempt to trek up to the hill to the road. But this time, Dan and the girls begged me to try it. I most certainly got my exercise that day!!!! There is also a beautiful waterfall and cave. Mary and Becky were going to go to the cave but there were to many people and you have to jump across a ravine to get to the part of the cave that looks out onto the falls. They ended up going on top of the falls to an outlook. Dan and I were going to try it, but decided probably not a good idea! The water is so clear there. I don't know to many lakes, if any, here in Texas that are as clear as this water is there.

On Saturday, we took Dan's Mom to Weatherford to see his brother (one with MS) and sister-in-law. As we approached their house, it started to snow! Go figure - Friday is in the high 70's and Saturday it's snowing!!! We got hit with an arctic blast from Canada. It was pretty much just a light dusting and gone by mid day Sunday.

Yesterday was overcast and then turned out to be nice and warm and then by 5:30 or so, the sky's turned dark and ominous and thunder storming. We were lucky not to get any of the hail they said we might get.

I've been working on trying to get the list updated among doing these other things around the house and it's finally done! I still need to add a couple of pictures of the new sleeves we just had done. These are like the last ones; the heavier ones as well as the lighter weight sleeves, but they don't have to be glued! These have locking tabs on the sides. We have them with the double windows and ones with just the front window. I should have the pictures of them up in the next day or two.

We've got a few things on sale so stop by and check them out. Kate's Track Shack.

If this blog doesn't get updated before then, have a Happy Easter!!!!!!!


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